CRM marketing is a powerful tool that savvy marketers take advantage of. One real advantage is your ability to create marketing automation through the process. Using the right tools, you can save yourself and your staff a great deal of time. Rather than spending your time running campaigns that can be automated you can spend it following your marketing activities and learning what’s working and what’s not.

Your CRM system offers you the opportunity to instantly access customers and their personal information. With the aid of an eMarketing tool, you can take that information and use it to create marketing campaigns that are scheduled to be sent out at specific times. 

Let’s have a look at what the workflow would look like. 

target you marketing automation

Step #1 Plan

The first thing you need to do is have a plan. You will determine who your target group is and what content you are going to send them. You will decide on a theme for your campaign or newsletter. For example, you might be sending out a monthly newsletter that’s full of helpful tips or you might be putting together a campaign for a promotional item or big sale. Your themes will change depending on what you are trying to accomplish.

Step #2 Production

Here is where you will design the actual mailing using your eMarketing tool. You will add your text and whatever images you want in the mailing. You can create landing pages that when your viewer clicks the link will take them instantly to that landing page. You can include as many links as you want. Even in your newsletter these should be thought of as sales opportunity

Step #3 Follow Up

Ironically, this is where many marketers fall down. They send out their campaigns and that’s the end of it. You will want to look at your mailing report so that you can see what’s working and what’s not. In your mailing report you will be able to see what links your readers are clicking and you will even be able to tell what content they prefer. You will get an excellent look into what your readers are interested in. 

When you use an eMarketing tool that’s fully integrated with your CRM you can create marketing automation for a lot of the functionality, such as add anyone who clicks on a specific link in your mailout and tag them for later action, or you can add people by specific interests. Just as easily, you can remove people. 

For a long time CRM has been associated with sales but CRM actually stands for Customer Relationship Management and your marketing is a key part of that. Today is the day to start taking advantage of this powerful tool in your marketing. 

grow your audience through marketing automation

When it comes to marketing campaigns, many companies are running anywhere from a handful to thousands of campaigns at one time and each must be managed. There may be campaigns to sell a new product, there may be campaigns for new customers, there may be cross selling, and the list goes on. Trying to manage multiple campaigns that are all different can be time consuming, even when it’s just a handful. The error rate is also high and sometimes it’s virtually impossible to manage. 

What makes things even trickier is that successful campaigns need you to be able to have access to all of the information at one time, not have to pick and choose from various places. These campaigns can become very complex and so the best way to take care of them is simply to take advantage of your CRM system. 

A CRM system that is well run can help you run smoothly, improve your marketing campaign response rate, remove most of the challenges, and improve your ROI.

Let’s have a look at some more important points to running a good CRM.

Target Market

You will be able to target your market with ease. Select candidates based on purchases, demographics, responses to a survey or any other way you want. Choose one or more criteria to include to pull your marketing campaign recipients right out of your database. Targeted marketing is always far more effective at bringing people into the pipeline than just random marketing.

Manage Execution

Even the best campaign will not do well if you cannot systematically execute it. CRM can help you to track your campaigns on a real time basis so you know exactly what is going on at any time. It can help you to maintain a schedule for your marketing campaigns and you can even set them to automatically launch. Using the CRM system provides you with all the necessary flexibility to be successful with your campaign.

Follow Up in a Timely Manner

This is a very important step, and worth mentioning again, because marketers often fail here. A marketing automation system can follow up for you at the preset date and time ensuring your potential customers receive the second part of your marketing campaign. 

CRM experts know that your CRM system can play a key role in your marketing campaign. Let’s see what the top 6 marketing tips are. 

#1 Use the Subscription Management Page to Gather Marketing Data

Don’t just use the subscription management page to allow recipients to opt out or change their email preferences. Make the most of it. Use it to gather additional marketing data. For example, you can use a web form to gather support requests or you can use a survey to obtain your customer’s feedback. Make the most of this opportunity to engage with the customer.

#2 Do Not Just Use Email Communication for Your Nurture Program

Your nurture campaign should involve both email and a personal phone call from the sales staff. You can trigger a CRM workflow from within the nurture. This will create a reminder for the sales staff to follow up with this customer on the nurtured lead.

#3 Use Dynamic Content to Simplify Email Marketing Campaigns

There is no need to create tons of various email templates to send the same message to different audiences that you are targeting. Just create a single template and then take advantage of dynamic content creating a customized experience for the email recipients. 

Using crm and email campaigns with marketing automation

#4 Manage Your Live Events by Combining CRM Systems With Marketing Tools

Take advantage of web forms to gather registrations, send out save the date emails and other reminders. You can also connect your CRM system with Eventbrite to collect the most data about the live event you are having.

#5 Grow the Power of Your Marketing Automation Tools with CRM Workflows

You can evaluate the answers to your survey and then send any negative responses to the department or personnel in your company by using the customer workflow in CRM.

#6 Use Social Media to Collect Data, Use it And Analyze It

Social media is used to communicate with customers, but why not use your CRM system to collect social networking data and then align it with your other marketing and sales information in a way that will help you to understand your customer much better. Social data offers deep insights that can aid you in your marketing campaigns, as well as, selling to your customers and serving them better.

These are 6 simple things that CRM experts recommend that allow you to get the most out of your marketing through taking advantage of your CRM system to its full capacity.

With CRM, you have the ability to track the status of every single lead. You know whether you contacted them in a timely way, what the outcome was, where they are in the pipeline, whether they actually made a purchase. The information is all there. Having the ability to see the effectiveness of your campaign through the entire sales cycle is a powerful tool that far too many are overlooking.

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