Plans & Pricing

You have been brought to our International site because we are currently building out the branches to the different countries. Once we have enough members in your country and area to begin, we will notify you, and you will then have the option to upgrade to Level 3 membership.

For now you can choose to join as a Level 1 or Level 2 member. As long as you are on the database, we can contact you as soon as things get rolling.

Level 1
Free forever

Your business profile

Entry into the business directory

Download 1 free eBook from the store when you sign up

Level 2
$7per month
Monthly recurring subscription

All benefits of Level 1


Free download of all digital products from the shop

The sign-up process:

  1. Register an account (click one of the buttons above to take you to the registration form)
  2. Activate your account (you will be sent an email with an activation link)
  3. Log in and choose a plan (after activation you can sign in to your account and will be taken to the Membership Levels page. Sign up for the plan you wish to use)