Give Your Business a Good Spring Clean

Well, it is spring time here in South Africa, so time for some business spring cleaning. When we think of spring cleaning we tend to only consider our house or our closet, but why not do a spring clean on your business (and I am not referring to your physical …

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Advantages of Time Management and Time Blocking

Time Management is about organizing your time so that you work smarter and don’t waste any of your precious time. Without time management you will probably find yourself getting to the end of the day and wondering what you actually accomplished. Sure you may have your head stuck into a …

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business referral network

Why Should I Join a Business Referral Network?

It is a very good question. Why should you spend money on a formal business referral network? You could after all just get a group of people together and create let’s say a Whatsapp Group or a Facebook Group where you can chat and pass referrals. If you have done …

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attraction marketing

What is Attraction Marketing and What Does it Offer You?

Attraction marketing may be the buzz word that is out there commonly heard by most Internet marketers. Yet, what does this mean? Everyone needs to know what this type of marketing is as it will likely be one of the most important, profitable tools you have in low cost online …

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why referrals are important

Why Referrals are Important

When it comes to a business that is trying to grow, a qualified referral from someone who has used your services or products is probably the most effective form of marketing available. This is why word-of-mouth marketing has remained the most popular and most effective form, even in our current …

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5 Simple Employee Communication Ideas That Will Re-Energize Your Team

269 billion emails are sent worldwide every day. But busy employees are opening less than 25% of these. There are better ways to boost employees communications in the workplace. And it’s not by sending more emails. Read on for 5 creative ways to communicate with employees. 1. Go Digital  The office bulletin …

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5 Reasons Why a Great Smile Boosts Confidence in Business and in Life

People judge you within one-tenth of a second. That’s according to Psychological Science, anyway. Indeed, in their research on first impressions, psychologists found that our reactions to people are almost instantaneous. And they’re tough to alter once they’ve been formed. Smiling is one way to ensure this split-second judgment falls in …

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8 Recruiting Solutions to Help You Find The Right Employees

Did you know that 33% of American employees are actually engaged in their careers, costing the national economy over $350 billion in lost productivity? That’s a staggering figure, isn’t it? Streamlining your job candidate search can feel overwhelming. For one, you’re busy. For two, you certainly don’t want to hire the wrong …

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