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With a plethora of business networking sites out there, why would you want to join yet another one? Well, we do things a little differently in order to bring the greatest benefit to our members, and always looking for ways to improve the experience.

How Do Things Work At NWP?

What are Bubbles?

We went looking for the collective noun for a group of entrepreneurs and it seems there isn’t one. The only reference we could find was a Quora post that suggested people are starting to lean toward a “bubble” or “fad” of entrepreneurs A fad is really just a flash in the pan, and so the Bubble was born. We have two types of Bubbles here at NWP.

Local Bubbles

These are groups of entrepreneurs that are local to your area. In each Local Bubble there is only one person per business category, and the intention is to pass referrals to each Local Bubble member.

As an example a Local Bubble may have a plumber, an electrician, a website developer, and an insurance broker. These people will pass referrals to each other based on the fact that their businesses are local (a plumber in Australia will not be able to do a job in the UK).

These referrals may be amongst the members or to other people or businesses that require such products and services.

Team Bubbles

Team Bubbles can extend across Local Bubbles and focus on groups of professions or trades in the same industry. This is great for business models that can work remotely and even internationally such as a group of people who specialise in website development, graphic design, logo creation, hosting, app development, and digital marketing. These people can work on local or international projects.

Likewise, a Team Bubble may consist of a plumber, electrician, carpenter, and tiler. Such a Team Bubble would work locally but work as a team of independent contractors, passing referrals and jobs amongst each other.

Benefits and Advantages


A membership at NWP is free. We do ask that members consider making a contribution to support the platform and to help us keep the lights on and the wheels turning but that is completely voluntary.

Increased Productivity

No travelling to venues, no sitting in traffic. You meet online once a week from the comfort of your office (or venue of choice). Then once a month the Bubble members meet for a face to face social meeting. This is a great opportunity to invite prospective members to introduce them to your Bubble.

Professional Growth

We will help you to learn how to network effectively. There is an online store with a plethora of educational tools which is free to members to use as they choose, as well as a blog, some articles will be made private to members only.

Abundance of Networking Opportunities

Net-Working-Pro is an online networking solution where you can even have members from another region or even country in your Bubble – the possibilities are endless. Thus you will increase your business exposure professionally worldwide if you choose.

One Professional Classification per Bubble

When you sign up to Net-Working-Pro you will then hold the professional classification according to your profession.

Environmental Responsibility

With our meetings held online we are drastically reducing our carbon footprint, as we are not driving to meetings. Each of our members have a vCard on their profiles which can be scanned my any smart phone and the contact details added to contacts immediately, thus reducing the impact on the environment with printed business cards.

Social Responsibility

NWP donates a portion of our profits to various local charities.

So, what are you waiting for?

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