Networking for Introverts

Business Referral Networking For Introverts

To all of the extroverts out there, I’d just like to say that we introverts also own and run successful businesses, believe it or not. Did you know that introverts also often make the best sales people. However, it can be very difficult for introverts to meet new people and …

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power of meditation

The Power of Meditation for Business People

If meditation is already a part of your daily routine, then you will most likely get it, but for those that don’t, they may be scratching their head and thinking, “How would meditation help me and my business?” It’s actually quite simple. Meditation comes with a whole load of benefits …

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marketing automation

Using Your CRM for Marketing Automation

CRM marketing is a powerful tool that savvy marketers take advantage of. One real advantage is your ability to create marketing automation through the process. Using the right tools, you can save yourself and your staff a great deal of time. Rather than spending your time running campaigns that can …

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