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By signing up to the network you will get qualified hot referrals from a team of entrepreneurs that have a vested interest in the growth of your business. By passing referrals to one another, we all profit.


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If you are looking for a business in your area for a particular job or project, then you can use our business directory to locate them. Just type in a business category and proximity to your location.

How Does NWP Work?

With a plethora of business networking sites out there, why would you want to join yet another one? Well, we do things a little differently in order to bring the greatest benefit to our members, and always looking for ways to improve the experience.

Net-Working-Pro or NWP is somewhere between your standard business network and an outsourcing platform. After signing up you can join a Bubble which is a group of businesses and freelancers that all work in the same or similar field as you and will pass referrals to each other. But it is more than that.